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Sales Tracker App

This project is built with .NET 5, Entity Framework Core, SQL Server in the backend, and Next.js in the frontend.

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Sales Tracker App

Todo Todone

Todo Todone is a full stack app for simple task management with authentication and data persistance. This was built with Create-React-App in the frontend and Firebase in the backend. I wanted to try out Firebase with React. I used Firebase's Cloud Firestore for real-time data update on the UI.

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Prometheus Wordpress Theme

This was a freelance project. The client provided me the design and wanted a fast website built on Wordpress without hundreds of plugin slowing it down. So, I built this Wordpress theme built from scratch with a little help from the Advanced Custom Field plugin for creating an easy editing experience.

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About Me

I am a full stack web developer with a passion for writing fast, clean, and readable code.

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